To secure a great opportunity, precise information must first be provided to you. At American Medical Personnel Services, Inc. (AMPS, Inc.) we save you time and do all your leg work.

New confidential and unadvertised positions are phoned into us daily. Detailed information about each position is acquired and presented to Candidates before deciding to interview for a particular position. We pride ourselves in providing complete information to Candidates pertaining to pay scale, benefits, work environment and advancement. We have developed relationships with some of the biggest and most successful, Private Practices, Clinics and Hospitals in the healthcare industry. Our placement process facilitates communication between the Candidates and the Employer throughout the hiring process. AMPS, Inc. possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you secure your dream position and achieve your career goals.

By aligning yourself with AMPS, Inc. you will be provided professional Job Councilors who will consistently coach and advise you in how to successfully position yourself to secure the opportunity that you desire. Career advancement is all about being prepared and American Medical Personnel Services, Inc. can help you do just that. Best of all, our services are always FREE to Candidates and all information is held in strict CONFIDENCE. Anonymous inquiries are welcomed.

Resume preparation assistance available.