Client Testimonials

“Mary M., RN is doing great! She is a quick learner and willing to learn new things. She helps the staff out with their daily tasks and gets along well with everyone! Thank you for sending her to us!!” — Andrea C., RN | Nurse Administrator

“We couldn’t be happier with Beth F, RN. She is a fabulous nurse! She is bright, sweet, friendly, and communicates very well with patients, nurses and providers. She has learned quickly. She follows through. She readily does what is asked of her and offers help to co-workers. She has taken to us like a fish to water! I wish I could clone her.” — Michelle H., RN | Nurse Administrator

“Tabitha is doing quite well. She is very good with our patients. She is catching on to the rooming process quickly.” — Kelly M. | Practice Manager

“Outstanding employee! Andrew is a breath of fresh air. He is eager to help and eager to learn. He says he loves it here. He is coming in every day. Our doctors have given positive feedback as well.” — Michelle H. | Nurse Administrator

“Thank you American Medical; the LPN you sent us is wonderful. Meredith has stepped in and has not missed a beat. It’s like she has already worked here. Thank you for sending her to us.” — Diane L. | Practice Manager

“Having worked with American Med. for several years, they have been instrumental in securing both temporary and permanent medical personnel for our office. They have earned the reputation of being honest, ethical and sensitive to our needs.” — Dr. Daniel F., M.D. | Senior Partner

“I just wanted to thank American Medical once again for sending us such competent help. It’s always a pleasure to work with your agency.” – Ms. Carol D. | Director of Clinical Services

“It has been my good fortune to have American Med whenever we need to find employees. They have been absolutely wonderful in securing highly qualified personnel. Their aim is to provide the best qualified personnel available.” — Dr. Federick G., M.D. | Hospital Medical Director

“Thank you for your services in securing quality staff for our organization.” — Ms. Catherine M. | Director of Human Resources

“As always thank you to your lovely staff at American Med for always being so helpful in getting us good staff.” — Ms. Barbara M. | Hospital Administrator

“American Med’s screening of applicants and review of their qualifications has been excellent, both with permanent and temporary personnel. They are a top quality employment agency.” — Ms. B.H.M. | Practice Manager

“Thank you for past and ongoing efforts to provide us with quality staff.” — Ms. Brenda L., CMT | Medical Laboratory Manager

“Only the warmest “Thank You” will do for people as nice and as special as you. Thanks for all your help.” — Ms. Diane W. | Medical Biller and Receptionist

“I am a physician in frequent need of office personnel. It has been my good fortune to have American Medical to call whenever we have a need. They have been absolutely wonderful in finding us the best qualified people whatever the situation. I highly recommend their service.” — Dr. Gerald F. | M.D.